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 Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Alex Gomez is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who provides individual psychotherapy for children, adolescents, college students, and young adults in downtown Bellevue, Washington. His specialities include: General and Social Anxiety, Depression, Painful and/or uncontrollable emotions, difficulty expressing emotions, Relationship and Social struggles, College student concerns - especially first generation and minority student issues, problems with identity or life decisions, abnormal sensory or perceptual experiences, grief and trauma, and multicultural issues.




Alex Gomez is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. He has trained and worked providing therapy to children, adolescents, and adults for the past 9 years.  He also has experience working in university counseling settings which makes him an ideal therapist for students who have had positive college counseling experiences but would like to continue beyond the limited number of sessions that most college counseling centers provide. He enjoys working with people in their formative years because of his own enriching experiences with mentors, counselors, and instructors during these periods of his life. It can be difficult to overcome obstacles, gain useful perspective, and accomplish goals without supportive people during the pivotal moments of life. Common feedback that Mr. Gomez has received from young therapy-goers is that they appreciate that being taken seriously and having their experiences validated. 


Despite focusing on treatment with adolescents and young adults, Mr. Gomez has worked with a broad range of ages and problems - from paranoid thoughts and hallucinations to unexplainable long-term physical ailments, from court-ordered therapy to eating disorders. He encourages therapy-seekers of any age who face any type of struggle to contact him and discuss the possibility of therapy if there is something about his description of therapy that speaks to you.


Mr. Gomez works from perspectives grounded in Relational and Interpersonal Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic, and Humanistic therapies. Approaching psychological struggles from this way allows the exploration and treatment of severe and persistent problems of emotion and thought. This approach typically requires a long-term commitment in order to surface ways that your unconscious maintains your problematic patterns. He also pays attention to how the political, cultural, and social worlds contribute to one's struggles. 


For more information, please visit


Mr. Gomez has limited availability for child patients.


Alex is in-network with Premera BCBS. He can submit a claim as an out-of-network provider, which means you can be partially reimbursed for the cost of the session.

Call us and your insurance company to confirm coverage prior to your first visit.



Our office has moved to Forest Office Park, Building F as of May 2019. There is all-day parking surrounding the building. Our building is ADA accessible and has elevators. Childcare is available in downtown Bellevue at Adventure Kids Playcare; mention our name for a discount.    


 Note that email is not confidential. Clinical information is best communicated via phone; however, due to a surge in referrals, our response time on email is much faster.  

You may reach me at 

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