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Located on the border of Bellevue and Redmond, Washington,

The Center for Relational and Family Therapy (CRAFT) provides

therapy for families, children, teens, adults, and couples.


Jumping in the Leaves

The Center for Relational and Family Therapy (CRAFT) is a collaborative of clinicians who practice integrative therapy within a relational framework. Our therapists understand the problems patients face in the context of the social world and relationships with others. We practice evidence-based approaches to therapy and our child clinical psychologists have received specialized training in child development and psychology.

Our team follows the best practices in our field that are described by the American Psychological Association, National Association of Social Workers, Washington Administrative Code for Psychologists and Social Workers and other specific ethics codes and guidelines. Each of these documents describe our responsibilities to you as your doctor or therapist. We also strive to foster the following values in our practice: Relationality, Craft, Care, and Context. In addition to reading more about these values here, talk to your therapist about what this means for you and your family.  


We believe that people are social beings where

psychological problems are created and healed in relationships.



Therapists for any problem at every age

We welcome you to contact our therapists for an initial meeting or phone conversation to get an idea if they could be a good fit for you or your family. Our therapists have been practicing in the mental health field for over 10 years and are all licensed in Washington State.


Board Certified Licensed Psychologist

Co-Founder, Director

Dr. Lord enjoys therapy with infants, children, teens, parents and families.  Dr. Lord specializes in treating trauma and providing forensic assessment.

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Jessica is a doctoral trained therapist who works with individuals of all ages. She has experience working with complex developmental trauma, depression, and anxiety. Jessica has a special interest in working with new parents, college students, and those interested in exploring the mind-body connection.




Alex provides individual therapy to teenagers, adults, and college students. He specializes in depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationship and social struggles, multicultural issues, and persistent dysfunctional patterns.


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

 Nina works with individual adults in the areas of attachment, trauma (physical, sexual, emotional & domestic violence), grief, depression/mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and relational conflict, including traditional and post-modern relationships and partnerships. She a certified trauma professional and provides EMDR.

Miri Head shot 2019.jpg

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Miri enjoys working with  children, Adults,  and families. She specializes in supporting individuals of all ages to cope with Anxiety and build meaningful relationships with others.  Miri also specializes in  Group therapy.  She is fluent in English and Hebrew.


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Claire is a Licensed mental health counselor. She brings with her 20+ years, providing behavioral and emotional support.  

Claire is certified in Trauma Stress Studies, Internal Family Systems, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Selective Mutism, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Family Based Treatment for Eating Disorder.

Claire is able to provide mental health services in her native language, Tagalog.


Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Neal is a psychologist and psychoanalyst. He works with adolescents and adults in individual and group therapy and provides psychological assessment for a variety of presenting problems.

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Licensed  Social Worker

Elina  is a Licensed Social Worker and Marriage and a Family Counselor. She brings with her  15 years of experience in counseling.

Elina offers therapy in English, Hebrew, and Russian. 

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Licensed Psychologist

Couples and Adult Therapy

Dr. Marín specializes in couple's counseling, trauma, interpersonal relationships, and communication.



Family and Parent Coach

Lilach is a family and parent coach. She has been working with parents and kids in groups and individually for the past 15 years, teaching evidence-based skills such as CBT, ACT, and EFT.

Lilach offers therapy in English and Hebrew. 


Licensed  Social Worker

Michal (Michelle) Alpert is a Licensed Clinical Independent Social Worker

who provides client-centered psychotherapy and counseling for adolescents and adults in

in Bellevue, Washington.

Michal offers therapy in English and Hebrew.


Licensed  Social Worker

Michal provides therapy for adolescents, adults, couples, families, and groups for over 15 years. Her specialties include  trauma and recovery, oppression and multicultural issues, life transitions, Parenting children with disabilities and neurodivergent children, relationship enhancement, anxiety, Mindfulness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance.

Michal offers therapy in English and Hebrew.

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Distanced Couple


Here For You When Life Gets Complicated

Sometimes families come to us with complex referral questions: Should my child receive an assessment from an outside psychologist or the school psychologist? How do I create a parenting plan? Should I begin medications now or just start with therapy? How do I find a psychologist that will serve as an expert witness in Court for my family? For all the questions life throws at you, we can provide consultation. Our therapists can meet you for one or more sessions to direct you to the next steps. We can also create a comprehensive treatment plan and connect you to the appropriate resources and support. We can even provide care management, attend meetings outside of the Center, and follow-up to make sure all professionals involved in the treatment remain on the same page. 




Some of our clinicians are contracted with several major insurance companies, while others are not (please check individual providers' webpage for more details). We will provide a superbill claim you can submit as out-of-network providers, which means you can be potentially partially reimbursed for the cost of the session.
Call your insurance company to confirm coverage prior to your first visit.


For Families, Children, Teens, Parents, Adults, and Couples.

Anxiety, depression, trauma, social difficulties, and problems with school and work, and relationships are a few of the areas that might bring you or your family to therapy. At The Center for Relational and Family Therapy, our therapists are licensed professionals that are comfortable with a range of issues. We see individuals, couples, children, parents, and entire families.

Individual Therapy

Adults, teens and children can be seen in one-on-one therapy. It is common for most therapists at our Center to recommend a weekly meeting. For adults, therapy often involves talking to the therapist in a confidential and comfortable treatment room. We strive to make the therapy room feel like a home-environment rather than a clinic. For children, we offer play and expressive arts therapy; we have two uniquely designed child therapy rooms. Teens and pre-teens sometimes enjoy a blend of talk therapy and interactive therapy games. In general, we try to make the therapy environment as welcoming and non-intimidating as possible. Speak with your therapist to learn more about what therapy might look like for you. 

Couple Therapy

Therapy helps many couples improve communication, resolve conflicts, enhance intimacy, rebuild or strengthen trust, and adjust to major life changes. Our couple therapists have extensive experience and specialized training in effective treatments for couples, such as Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy, and Enhanced Cognitive-Behavioral Couple Therapy. These couple therapies have been rigorously tested in dozens of scientific studies, which found strong evidence for their positive impact on relationships. Research evidence also shows that couples tend to maintain significant improvement long after completing therapy. Your couple therapist will work collaboratively with you and your partner to personalize each session based on your, your partner’s, and your relationship’s unique needs and goals.

Team Therapy

For younger children or teens, our team may recommend wrap-around care where parent-child, parent coaching, and individual child therapy are all possibilities. We also offer family or sibling therapy where each child can have their own therapist, and the therapists work as a cohesive treatment team with the parents.


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You may reach us at or 425-429-2499.

Our office has moved to Forest Office Park, Building F as of May 2019. There is all-day parking surrounding the building. Our building is ADA accessible and has elevators. Childcare is available in downtown Bellevue at Adventure Kids Playcare; mention our name for a discount.    


 Note that email is not confidential. Clinical information is best communicated via phone; however, due to a surge in referrals, our response time on email is much faster.  

Forest Office Park, Building F

14655 Bel-Red Road
Suite 203
Bellevue, WA 98007


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